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Indoor playground & trampoline park

China trampoline movement started late than in Europe and the United States about 40 years, in recent years China has the first indoor trampoline club. But in Australia, in the United States and Europe, trampoline club has become Europe families taking parties in weekend and young people 's new playing cool and movement landmark.


So what is the indoor trampoline park?


Trampoline Park usually has trampoline for adults and children areas, playing balls against area, dunk area, also equipped with a naughty fort area, dressing area, sales area, members area.


Please imagine when you walk into a room, see all the people are flying up and down, it is amazing. Yes, you can finally enjoy the flying over the walls!


Indoor trampoline park is like an uncapped cage, the bracket and fence is relatively soft, it is a relatively closed space for children and adults to be in jumping and be isolated from the outside playing merrily.


Each trampoline has basket, and other auxiliary equipment, so that people can experience not only jumping but also feeling the flying dunk. So the auxiliary equipment improve the diversity and more funny of the trampoline park.


So in addition to body slimming, in the release of the pressure and maintain the balance of physical mental aspects, the indoor trampoline park is not less than other sports.


Researches show that jumping is not only helpful for adult’s and child’s physical function and development of the coordination , but also conducive for the child's height growth and brain development.


Aplay will afford you free design, and help you open your own trampoline and indoor playground favoring. Please feel free to connect us.




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