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Indoor playground safety notice

Before entering the venue, parents should detailedly read the admission notice.

1. The indoor playground is only for 2 - 12 years old children's playing.

2. Do not allow under the age of 2 playing alone in the playground, every parents should take care of your little kids.

3. Before entering everybody must take off shoes and wear socks. Do not let your kids wear open-seat pants when playing.

4. Do not enter the playground whit sharp objects, we must avoid scratching the child body during the game.

5. When playing balls, please keep your head above the surface of the ball pool, do not litter the balls and throw the balls away from the ball pit.

6. Do not pull the coconut tree set, We must avoid to rotate speed the playing set and hurt the little kids.

7. Do not jump from the high platform, avoid to fall down and hit other little children.

8. When playing the jumping bed, please don’t keep your head downward, avoid casing accident.

9. When playing in the sand pit, please don’t spill the fake sand out of the pit.

10. Please do not bring food and beverage into the playground, No eating or drinking in the playground.

11. The protecting net is for protect our kids, please do not climb and pull the protecting nets.

12. The playground is not suitable for the kids with disease and disability.

13. Prohibiting urination or defecation or spit in the playground, in case of emergency or Children vomiting, please connect the staff immediately for professional help.

14. Please follow the rules above for our safety of the playground, If you do not comply with these rules then cause harm to yourself or others, we cannot be responsible for any damage.

15. Please take good care of your personal belongings. Make sure you can secure your cell phones or other valuable. We are not responsible for what you lose.


This is the notice for every indoor playground, and please put the notice in a central place.

Any questions about the playground and the design, please feel free to connect Aplay.

We will wholeheartedly give you the best service.


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