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Aplay Fitness Equipment Material Description

1. Fitness equipment surface are treated with two-stage treatment technology, using
electrostatic resin powder spraying and high temperature baking(static spraying paint ,high
temperature solidity). Our fitness surface shows excellent performance in terms of
adhesion strength, anti-ultraviolet, and color intensity. Imported bearing structures make
all joints part safe and smooth.
2. Fitness equipment Pipes are all galvanized steel, central poles diameter is 114mm, with
2.7mm thickness (Other appendix steel parts pipes are of diameter in 38mm, 64mm, and
89mm pipes, with thickness 2.5mm). Steel pipes have been processed with rust removal
and desanding treatment, and coated with USA DuPont epoxy hybrid powder. Advanced
technology(carbon-dioxide arc welding) ensures all welding part of high strength, moving
part all designed under safety standard.
3. Components material specification: 1.Material of poles covered caps, connectors or
catchers are cast aluminum. 2. Operative foot pedal, waist twist plate, and big sleeve, foot
plates base material are one step forming cast iron. 3. All fitness equipment screws and
bolts are stainless steel material (improved, anti-theft, firm and secure, very hard to loose,
deform or damage). 4. With good Nippon painted finish, added with UV stabilizer and
anti-static agent.
4. Our fitness equipment production are based on users oriented, take human engineering
and sports medicine as design scientific basis, take scientific assessments of effective using
results and material mechanics as material selecting basis.
5. Our fitness equipment warranty is 1 year. Within 1 year, if there is any damages on the
fitness equipment(Damages not caused by misuse or vandalism) because of quality
problem, we can send replaced parts for free of products cost.


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